You must be able to dry and store firewood for your fireplace or stove in an outhouse, shed or lean-to near your house.

Wood must be stored for 1–2 years after being cut before it can be used as firewood in order to ensure that it is sufficiently dry.

The thermal energy of the wood depends on the type of timber in question.

The calorific value of hardwoods such as oak, beech and ash is far higher than that of fir, spruce and larch.

Firewood is generally sold in stacked cubic metres. A boxed cubic meter corresponds to the amount of firewood that can fit in a 1 m3 box into which the firewood has been thrown willy nilly.

Approval and guarantee

There are special guidelines governing the approval of wood burning stoves, stove inserts and stoves for special purposes such as stoves with water tanks and stoves designed for wood pellets.

In Denmark, the Danish Technological Institute is responsible for granting DS/CE certification for wood burning stoves. You can read more about approval and certification at

Many manufacturers offer various guarantee schemes which entitle customers to have their stove repaired or replaced within a certain number of years. In any case, stoves are covered by the two-year warranty granted under the Danish Sale of Goods Act.