Heat in many ways

Convection stoves are the new generation of wood burning stoves. They heat the air and distribute the resultant warm air around the room to provide a constant, comfortable heat and a relatively even temperature everywhere.

Radiant stoves have been known to generations. The heat is concentrated around the stove, with the result that the air close to the stove becomes very warm, while the temperature drops the further away from the stove you move.

Some steel stoves are clad on the outside with soapstone to prolong the heat release.

The old-fashioned brick fireplace is a rare sight nowadays, since it is far less efficient than a wood burning stove. Instead, most people choose a stove insert.

Design and taste

A stove is a piece of furniture that cannot easily be replaced, which is why it is important to choose a design that suits your family’s preferred style of decor.

There is a huge selection of discreet and beautiful stoves available in a range of simple designs.

In order to judge how a stove would look in your new home, it is a good idea to see it in action at a shop or an exhibition. Remember that the stove will probably still be standing in your living room in ten years’ time, when your present furniture may well be ready for replacement. The choice of design is therefore vital – and essentially a question of individual taste.