Choosing a fireplace or wood burning stove

Nowadays, the majority of people who set out to build their dream home will consider the installation of a fireplace or a stove already during the planning phase.

And there are excellent reasons for this: the heat from a wood burning stove creates a very special atmosphere, and a fireplace or a stove will quickly become the natural focal point in your living room. The velvety heat lends a cosy atmosphere to your home, and the use of a natural fuel is a favourable addition to oil fired central heating or district heating.

The savings increase as the cost of energy rises, and firewood is an environmentally and resource-friendly source of energy.

Let your heart decide

The Danes have always had a love for fireplaces and stoves.

Danish-made fireplaces and wood burning stoves build on age-old traditions and excel in terms of both design and functionality.

Since the first energy crises of the 1970s, a number of key manufacturers have developed a reputable line of solid, attractive wood burning stoves, convection stoves and fireplaces where the focus has been on design solutions, environmental considerations and fuel economy.

Make sure you get a quality product that complements your dream home and meets all your needs and expectations.

Discuss your plans with your architect, and ask a local distributor for advice if relevant.